Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

Red Carpet BeautyWho doesn’t love watching the award shows? The celebs all dressed up in stunning gowns looking absolutely radiant with their glowing skin.

It’s mind blowing to see many of the same celebrities year after looking as if they haven’t aged, in fact they appear to be looking younger every year. How do they do that?

Often times, celebs have personal chefs, trainers, and their dermatologists/estheticians/plastic surgeons on speed dial. Good news girls…You don’t need to be rich and famous to have the same privileges…

As an expert in the world of beauty for 20 years working as a celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert I am here to tell you that there is a DIY approach that will bring you some pretty close results.

My secret beauty routine that I’ve designed for myself as well as my clients; Healthy Diet + Exercise + Breakthrough Skin Care Technology


Get rid of the toxins. Our skin is our largest organ. Healthy skin is a direct result of a healthy lifestyle. We are what we eat. Alcohol, Cigarettes, fast or fried food are all a sure fire way to detract from your goal of good health- and good skin.

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. I know you know this…so are you doing it? Water is the best way to hydrate internally as well as flush out those impurities. Add some lemon if you aren’t a fan of the plain taste. You want that glow, right?

Eat lots of fruits and veggies! I make green juice everyday consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and anti-oxidants. My faves are Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, Carrots and anything else I desire. My skin has improved immensely since incorporating this into my beauty routine…not to mention- my immune system is kicking!

Exercise increases the oxygen in our blood which gives us a healthy glow- not to mention keeps our weight down so we feel better in our clothes. Hate the gym? Take a dance class! Get moving!


The best foundation is beautiful skin. I have packages arriving at my door weekly from some of the top skincare and makeup lines on the planet- asking me to try their products. Not to mention, I am a product junkie always searching for the latest in skincare technology… and I too have a few Dermatologists on speed dial.
So many of you are probably thinking…okay then…spill! Alrightly then…

Modern technology has made so many advances that can help us improve our skin and help us reclaim a more youthful appearance- without plastic surgery. Amen!


If you can afford it, it’s worth it. Many of my clients starting having laser treatments about five years ago and when I saw the results, I started too. Fraxel or Co2 lasers among many others will help rebuild collagen and improve elasticity, considerably. To know what’s best for you, schedule a consultation with a reputable dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Cost is about $1000 dollars and up. I have laser once a year. LOVE!

Exfoliate. Our skin’s naturally exfoliates every 28 days…until we start to age. Yikers…when the process slows down, we have some build up going on. And dead skin is not pretty. Therefore, we need a little assistance getting that process to speed up. Every two months, I visit my esthetician for a facial and a glycolic acid peel. If facials are a little costly, you can give yourself facials at home and use an exfoliant a couple times a week which contains glycolic to keep those pesky dead skin cells from building up. Our moisturizers aren’t work as well if we have a layer of dead skin. EWE!

Retin A.  Recently I asked my Dermatolgist about the Retin-A “craze”. Is it really that big of a deal? She said yes. Retin-A or retinoids play a huge role in speeding up the exfoliation process and building collagen! Retin-A is only prescribed by a doctor. However there are many products that contain vitamin A or retinoids…very similar. The presription is obviously going to be stronger. I only use it a couple times a week. Warning: use once or twice a week to begin with because it can make your face peel a bit more than usual.

Anti-oxidants.  We are exposed to environmental elements that damage our skin and in most cases we have already had some damage done. In order to rebuild and protect…Anti-oxidants are a must. I recommend that you choose a serum or daytime moisturizer which contains vitamins such as C, E, and A (remember the importance of vitamin A?)- along with an SPF! Sun damage is up there on that list with smoking as the fastest way to looking older, not to mention putting yourself at risk for skin cancer.

Eyes are the windows to our soul and we sure don’t want them to look old and wrinkly, do we? Think of the skin under your eyes being as thin as tissue paper and your face like construction paper. Which one is going to break down first? Again, protect your eyes daily with a good eye cream.

Night time is when our skin repairs itself. Think about it, we sleep we recharge, restore and renew. So does our skin…so give your face, neck and declotee the best chance to boost it’s moisture and restore.

Good health along with Skincare and technology= Show stopper! Here’s to the DIY Celeb Glow! We don’t need to be rich and famous to look and feel amazing, do we girls?

Recipe for an at Home Zen Spa Experience

imagesI went to get my nails done today and of course the first thing the nail tech asked me was what color? I replied soft brown or beige. She looked at me as if I was an alien who just sat down. Beige? Beige is boring…so plain…so simple. Everyone else is wearing dark colors for Fall…don’t you want to join in the Fall festivities?


For a moment I felt like a weirdo. Then in the next few seconds I thought, no I am not a weirdo! I want beige!

In fact, I began loving the idea of beige even more as I started to think about what beige represents to me.   It’s soft, simple, clean, timeless, like a pottery barn magazine, a spa, a zen place. Personally, I am gearing up for the change of season by creating more zen in my home as well as some zen in my daily life.   As a busy mom, I am running around taking care of everyone else, I have made a vow to take care of myself too. I want to spend more time feeling cozy, warm and relaxed rather than crazed. Burnt orange or red will do another time. But not today.

After my manicure, I went home and decided to create a little spa experience for myself. If you are looking to create some zen for yourself, Here are a few of my simple tips to create your own Spa experience in the comfort of your home…to take care of the one person that you may put on the back burner way too often..YOU!

Recipe to create you Zen At Home Spa Experience:


Soft towels

Bath tub


Soft music

Book (optional)

Herbal DeCaf Tea (Celestial Seasons- Camomile/Lavender is my fave)

Homemade Sugar Body Scrub: Mix 1 cup olive oil with 2 cups of raw sugar and add essential oil if desired.

Moisturizing Body Bar or Wash

Homemade Face Mask: 1 cup of oatmeal cooked, 1 tablespoon honey, egg whites from one egg (to hold ingredients together ). Mix and apply to a clean face for 5-10 minutes. Gently rinse Oatmeal and honey soothes and moisturizes the skin.


  1. Draw lukewarm bath (not too hot as hot water robs our skin of moisture). Add some bubble bath if you prefer.   Just remember, the oil from the home made body scrub will moisturize your body while you are in your bath.
  2. Light candles, start music, grab your book
  1. Apply face mask to face and neck. Avoiding eye and lip area
  1. Use Sugar Body Scrub to gently exfoliate body- (avoid face and neck) leaving your skin moisturized by olive oil. Follow with gentle body wash if needed. (I like to mix body wash with a little sugar scrub mixture and gently massage into skin).
  1. Lie back and sip tea, listen to music or read, and relax.
  1. Once you have rinsed body and washed face mask off- gently towel dry and apply eye cream and night cream.
  1. Enjoy the peaceful sleep (don’t forget to blow out the candles)

Gratitude After the Storm

By Lisa Selow

DiagSquirrelB4StormAs I type this, I have no electricity at home. I’m writing this post using my iPhone and the Evernote app, so that it can be easily pasted later.

We had a severe storm with high wind gusts a few days ago here in metro Detroit. The estimated time for the power to be restored is in nearly three days. It’s hard not to gasp in horror or get angry thinking about being without power for that long.

Yes, it’s an inconvenience, but I decided to challenge myself to look for the blessings. Have you ever had to do similarly? It’s not easy, but it can help us learn gratitude.

Here’s some things I’m grateful for:

  1. I still have gas to cook and running water. In other areas nearby, some do not have electricity needed to get running water. Speaking of running water, I am so lucky because in some areas of the world, people have to travel a great distance to get water and it’s not always exactly safe to drink.
  2. I get some time to unplug further. No computer or television. I have daylight and candles to be able to read, journal, do art, and a cellular phone charger in my car, so I still can talk to clients for their sessions by phone. Technology is such a wonderful thing!
  3. My house was safe in the storm, as was my yard. So many people lost trees or had damage to their cars and/or homes. I’m grateful to be safe, especially when I think about how so many live with far worse natural disaster threats around the world.
  4. I get to get caught up on some organizing and even hydration. My body has been tired, so I’ve also taken some naps to rest. My pineal gland must be stoked, making melatonin more easily with me having only the light from candles at night.
  5. I still can play guitar, just playing my electric guitar unplugged. It has triggered my creativity to do things differently. I’ve been able to focus and memorize some things more easily too with my musical studies.
  6. I have food to eat. We were able to get ice to preserve some of our food. I needed to go through and declutter my refrigerator anyway. So, the power outage helped things along. Last night, we had a romantic, candlelit dinner.
  7. Even though it’s not quiet with others’ generators running, it is still more quiet than usual here at home. My intuition feels more prominent and my mind less cluttered.
  8. I get to learn patience. I easily could get angry regarding the delay in getting our power restored. As a spiritual practitioner though, I see every situation as an opportunity to practice. I sure must’ve needed to work on patience. I’ve had times in the past without electricity for days in a row, so I’ve been able to pull wisdom from those experiences.
  9. I needed a vacation, so I get to have one in a way. I smiled to think about how some people love to go camping and not have running water or electricity. In pioneer times, this is how people lived. It surely is about how you look at things. I’ve had a few people offer us to stay at their homes. So, I also have experienced that shower of loving kindness.
  10. My animal friends again teach me how to go with the flow. Before the storm came, I was walking around the campus of where I went to college, feeding the squirrels. They weren’t worried about food, electricity, or the impending storm. I think I need to become more squirrel-like.

So, I’m still a work in progress with going with the flow, but I realized that gratitude is the first step. There’s always going to be ebbs or lulls in life, but that’s how life is…just look at the ocean. The ocean never stresses out during ebbs. I’ve watched the surf for hundreds of hours and never once has the ocean complained about not flowing.

All is well. It really is.

twitterHow do handle the lulls or ebbs in life? What works for you?(TWEET IT) I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

P.S. The power was restored a few hours after I wrote this, yay!

Slow Down You Move Too Fast

By Joan Herrmann

Recently a friend who was contemplating separating from her husband gave me a call and asked my advice. A few years ago when my emotions were spinning out of control and I was in the throes of my marriage breakdown I would have shouted “Divorce the bastard!”

Now, two years post-divorce, I have gotten off the emotional roller coaster called relationship breakdown and a cooler head prevails. My advice to her: slow down you move too fast!

What’s the rush to get a divorce? Unless you or your children are in physical danger, why rush?

twitterDivorce can be a permanent solution to a temporary problem. (Tweet It)

When my marriage was breaking up, we both got on the merry go round and didn’t know how to get off. I hurt him. He hurt me. I hurt him again. He one upped me. And so on and so on and so on. If only we had someone that loved us both sit us down, shake us, and say, “Get off the ride!”

I’m not saying that divorce isn’t the right choice in some cases; sometimes it’s the only thing a person can do. But when one in two marriages end in divorce, perhaps we need to slow down.

So, if you’re in the middle of a breakup or thinking about initiating one. Slow down. Breathe. Seek counsel. Confide in a trusted friend – one who will not fuel the fire. Put your pride aside and extinguish your anger. Open your heart. Talk and talk and talk until you can’t talk anymore. Listen. Remember why you fell in love. Do anything you can to work it through.

Think about how things will be down the road a few years after the dissolution. A new girlfriend or husband. Children from other relationships blended into your family. Financial upset. Loneliness. Regret. It is estimated that within five years, one-third of divorced couples regret their decision to split.

While the grass may look greener on the other side, remember that’s because of the manure.
Slow down. What’s the rush? You have plenty of time for forever.

It is time to live our lives respecting the diversity of our world.

122664337_87f7c01c47_nIt’s time to make a significant difference in the world by helping people live the principle of respecting the right of all life to live in freedom and in peace.

Even identical twins do not look exactly alike. We are all physically different, why should we expect everyone then to share the same views.

Everyone has freedom of thought.


In Human Diversity Lies The Creativity of God (Tweet It)

Everyone has the right to express that thought as their belief and value system as long as that expression does not infringe upon the right of another to live their life in freedom and peace.

Who Are The Friends Of Your Soul?

By Lissa Rankin

Photoxpress_1778070-300x225I used to think that friends were the people who unconditionally comforted you when you felt wronged, showed up for you when you felt needy and insecure, joined you in righteous indignation when you felt angry, and validated you when life isn’t going your way. I thought friends would be unconditional cheerleaders, and you would always feel better after being with a friend. But lately, I’ve realized that my most valuable friends are the ones who stand for my soul, even when that means saying something my ego doesn’t want to hear.

When a friend stands for your soul, she holds you accountable to your highest potential and expects you to do the same for her. When a friend stands for your soul, she understands how your ego operates- and loves and accepts you in spite of- even because of- what she knows. But she doesn’t sit by complacently when she watches you create your own suffering. She calls you on it lovingly and pushes you in the direction of your highest self.

No “Story Fondling”

When a friend stands for your soul, she holds you and comforts you when you feel wronged, but she doesn’t engage in story fondling with you. She knows there’s no need to hash and rehash your sob story, because doing so only keeps you stuck.  As soon as you’ve grieved and lashed out and you feel strong enough, a friend who stands for your soul reminds you that it’s time to end your pity party and be in the solution. She even helps you find meaning in whatever left you feeling hurt or angry because she knows even tragedies aren’t random, that life is purposeful, even when it’s hard.

When a friend stands for your soul, he’s willing to say what others won’t, the things people might be whispering behind your back because they don’t love you enough to say it to your face. But he never intends to be critical, and he’s never, ever mean. He is wind beneath your wings, helping to lift you higher, and he trusts that you will give him the same gift.

A Soul Friend May Leave

I used to think a real friend would stick around forever and never ever abandon you, that if we were real friends, we’d still be together when we’re both 85 in our rocking chairs. But now I know this isn’t the case. When a friend stands for your soul, she might have to leave the relationship, because she has been patient as she watches you choose your small self over your larger self- again and again. At some point, she can’t be true to her own soul unless you share the same commitment to trying to live in alignment with yours. Standing for your soul might require tough love. But the invitation is always there. She will be steadfast in standing for your soul, even as you stray off your path. She will still be there for you when you’re finally ready to accept the invitation to come home to Who You Really Are.

Standing for the soul of a friend isn’t easy. It requires uncomfortable conversations. It would be easier to just say yes to your friend’s ego. But when a friend unconditionally loves you and stands for your soul, it takes courage. It can be disruptive. There might be tears and hurt feelings. But a friend stands for your soul with great love and gentleness, even as she says what you don’t want to hear. Real friends don’t judge. They elevate you while they illuminate the parts of you that you hoped they’d never discover.

Soul Friends Guide You Home

It’s all worth it though, because these soul friends help you grow, and they invite you to grow with them. They are your guiding lights during dark nights of the soul, taking you by the hand and returning you to yourself. They cheer with you when you make difficult choices while standing for your own soul. These relationships are dynamic, ever-changing, ever-upleveling, ever-celebrating the magnificence of who you are becoming on your spiritual path. These friends are the guideposts leading you to freedom, and they enjoy the journey with you. They laugh with you, dance with you, gaze at the heavens with you, and revel in sunsets with you. They get quiet with you. They listen to your vulnerable stories and tell you theirs.

twitterThey keep the heart open with you, and in the communion of two open hearts, you find connection, belonging, vitality, and joy. If you’re lucky, they even bring chocolate. (TWEET IT)

Do You Stand For The Soul Of Your Friends?

Do you have friends brave enough to stand for your soul? Do you return to the gift to others? In the Medicine For The Soul program I just finished leading with Rachel Naomi Remen, we invited our students to make a list of friends who stand for your soul. Who are they? Are you cultivating these relationships? If nobody comes to mind, might you invite someone to show up for your in this way? Will you show up for someone else with this much love? Share your story in the comments.


Girls Who Code

By Lauren Galley

1019022_79637985Technology creeps into every aspect of a millennials life. As we bury our heads in our iPad, laptop, smart phone and television we conduct business, make friends, receive headline news and make purchases at the touch of a screen with instant gratification.

This seems quite normal to me being nineteen years old, however I’d never really thought about exactly how many women contribute to the technology that drives our world every second of the day, until, thanks to Made With Code by Google, I tried my hand at coding.

Before I get into how crazy cool my experience was, first some statistics that will blow your mind.

In Middle School, 74 percent of girls express interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), but when choosing a college major, just 0.3 percent of high school girls select computer science.

Only 3 in every 25 engineers are women

I’ll admit, I didn’t grow up with dreams of becoming a coder. It wasn’t popular and it seemed to be a man’s market. The lack of exposure in high school and the trending styles direct girls to the popular careers leaving the thought of a “geeky” STEM career as a choice only for boys.

I believe all girls should be exposed to more STEM-related subjects. Raising the percentage of women who code could potentially create a positive movement for the way technology is driven. Men and women coding together will bring balanced insights to create advanced technology conducive to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Coding is cool! Thanks Google for exposing girls to coding. While creating My Girl Power bracelet via I realized not only the importance of coding, but the fact that it’s fun and cool.

twitterI’m a girl and I have the power to make a positive difference in our world. (TWEET IT)

I challenge all girls to try their hand at coding. Trust me, it’s cool!