How to Overcome “Imposter Syndrome” and Believe in Yourself!

By Erin Cox You’ve done it. You’ve finally achieved one of your biggest, greatest goals and it feels amazing! You’re flying high, and life is glorious! And then…something happens that shakes your confidence. The ugly, negative self-talk starts to creep in, saying, “you don’t belong here,” or “you don’t deserve this,” or “everyone is going [...]

Three Essentials

1. Dry Brush 2. Body Oil 3. Epsom Salt  The best way to use these three essentials is in a row. First you dry brush, then apply the body oil (such as Almond), then take an Epsom salt bath. It seems a strange to use oil before a bath or shower but in Ayurveda, an [...]

People Showed Up Here For What You Have To Say – So Say It

The clock was dangerously nearing 12:30pm. Tummies were grumbling. Butts were getting sore from sitting too long. Blood sugar levels were dipping. My talk, Money: A Love Story, was supposed to end the morning session. But the audience’s (and my own) need for a break were obvious. So I whispered to the organizer: “I don’t have [...]