Healthy Boundaries Create Healthy Relationships

By Crystal Andrus. After writing an article on "rejection", I received a few private messages from women asking if I would write more about “boundaries.” In that blog, I explained that boundary setting is hands-down the most important lesson we women need to learn: “Healthy boundaries are like having a front door with a lock [...]

What To Do When Life Gets in the Way of Your Success

By Erin Cox Today I am writing from my brother and sister-in-laws home during a crazy California tour. We spent the first part of this week on the Central Coast of California with my in-law’s, and now we are in Mammoth Lakes celebrating my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. I wouldn’t miss this week for anything… but [...]

You Binged. Now What?

By Melissa Kathryn So it goes a little something like this… You’re good all week, you’ve worked out everyday, you went to bed early, you’re feeling fabulous and like you're on your way to your weight loss goals…and then the weekend hits. All of a sudden something drives you and you find yourself to be home, sitting [...]

Focus on Your Pluses – Radiance Factor on VividLife Radio with Supermodel Emme

By Michelle Phillips For many of us what is holding us back from feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what’s actually in the mirror, it’s how we feel about ourselves.  And how we feel about ourselves can be a product of negative self-talk that we listen to that tells us, “I’m not good enough, [...]

You Are What You Think

By Joan Herrmann “You’re fat!” “You’re stupid!” “You don’t have the right education!” “You’ll never be able to get the promotion!” “No man will ever want you!” “You’re old!” “She doesn’t like you!” “You’re ugly!” “You can’t do anything right!” Do any of these words sound familiar? While most people would never consider speaking to [...]