Protecting Your Child’s Beauty in the Cyber Age

You’ve waited your whole life for the joys of parenthood. Your amazing genes have made beautiful offspring, your warm heart and spirit have helped develop a child with deep inner beauty too, now what? With all of the influences of the media and peer pressure, how do you keep their fragile self-esteem intact through the [...]

Going Home

What does it feel like to die? By Anita Moorjani Oh my God, I feel incredible! I’m so free and light! How come I’m not feeling any more pain in my body? Where has it all gone? Hey, why does it seem like my surroundings are moving away from me? But I’m not scared! Why [...]


by Leah Carey Have you ever had a piece of clothing or jewelry you had to get rid of because of the memories it evoked? Maybe the earrings from your ex-husband that remind you of the painful breakup instead of the happy years. Or the swimsuit that is two sizes too small and reminds you [...]