The Power of Inspiration


To me, the most exciting shows on television are those that perform transformations. Everyone loves a good “before and after”! Look at the popularity of the endless number of series that demonstrate how to make over, or somehow transform, our homes, lawns, partners, pets, and more.

Love makes all the difference.

A few years ago, I attended Lori Zudell’s workshop called “Expansions,” which eventually turned into a women’s coaching circle. That experience changed my life forever. It was Lori who inspired me to move forward in my career and life with purpose. With her encouragement and support from the other group members, I gave voice to my values, passions, and dreams; and I began to live them, not just think about them. I finally learned what it meant to love myself, and how to share that love with others. Lori helped me begin to assemble the emotional and spiritual materials that would later become my own Beauty Blueprint.

What I needed, although I didn’t know it until I got it, was my own inspiration. I needed a mentor—someone to look up to who possessed an internal strength and divine sense of purpose that I could follow until it was my turn to lead. That person appeared in my life—you guessed it—at the exact time she was supposed to.

That awakening of love within resulted in a reassessment of my career goals, personal life, and even my legacy. I believed in my ability to help women discover their inner strength and beauty, and to live to their fullest potential. I believed in the healing power of true beauty. Inspiration gave me courage again.

Excerpt: “The Beauty Blueprint” by Michelle Phillips

Author: tvbeautycoach

Celebrity Makeup Artist, National TV Personality, Best Selling Author, Self-esteem & Empowerment Coach Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TVBeautyCoach The Beauty Blueprint 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams Michelle Phillips is a leading authority in the beauty industry and one of the most influential makeup artists the entertainment industry. With over 25 years experience Michelle works with national television networks, on movie sets, with top photographers, and magazines in the business including Swiss Vogue and Maxim Magazine. You may have seen Michelle on TV shows and Networks such as; HGTV, HSN, CBS, NBC, FOX, Oxygen and TLC sharing her tips and techniques that have made her one of the most renowned beauty experts in the industry who has worked with celebrities such as Katie Couric, Colbie Caillat, Condoleezza Rice, Sigourney Weaver, Clint Eastwood, and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Michelle’s best selling book “The Beauty Blueprint” has opened up opportunities for Michelle to share her message on speaking tours with inspirational icons such as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay giving women around the globe powerful tools of transformation; a transformation to not just look amazing but to BE amazing!

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