How to Look Younger…Naturally

They say we don’t know what we have until its gone. This old cliché could have many connotations, but one thing is for certain, it is defiantly true for aging!

Loss of volume in the face is the first noticeable sign of aging, and each year we lose one percent of collagen in our faces. Not to mention, the loss of facial fatty tissue, and facial bone density. Continue reading “How to Look Younger…Naturally”

Are you struggling with how you look and feel?

Have you been struggling with how you look and feel as you’re getting a little older?

I know I have!  After turning 50 this year, I’ve found that all of the sudden I began noticing signs of aging- all over my body!  Most importantly, I wasn’t feeling as energetic, focused, and I began to put on weight easily and not able to easily get it off! To top it off, Continue reading “Are you struggling with how you look and feel?”