Jeans that Flatter Your Body Type

Recently a friend of mine suggested I try DG2 jeans.  She promised me that once I do, I will be addicted to how they look on as well as how great they feel when waring them.

I was certainly a skeptic but decided to give them a try.  I may look small but since having three kids… jeans don’t typically fit well.  Either they are too tight or too loose, or gap in the back when I sit.  The list of issues I have when wearing jeans is endless.  Until now…

Designer Diane Gilman is known as the Queen of Jeans as well as the Denim Doctor because she created DG2 jeans that not only make you look amazing…you feel amazing when wearing her jeans!

As our bodies change with childbirth & aging, finding a pair of Jeans that fit well is almost impossible.

Designer Diane Gilman created DG2 jeans to cater to the specific concerns of women over 40.  Her jeans offer much more generous waist measurements while still keeping the legs of the jean slim & formfitting…  knowing as females, we put all our middle-aged weight around the waist, tummy & midriff!

Diane is known a the “Queen of Jeans” as she has sold over 10 million pairs of DG2 jeans on HSN!

In this video, you will see I am wearing her #1 Denim-Virtual Stretch-which has truly amazing stretch & recovery (4”-6” of stretch through the waistband), as well as a soft & comfy interior…‎HSN Customer top-rated!!!  I feel as if I am wearing yoga pants!  The fabric is super soft and the stretch is incredible.  The wonderful thing about the stretch is that it moves with your body yet recovers right away for a perfect fit.  No more baggy jeans, and no more tight jeans!  The perfect fit every time.

Carley is wearing the DG2 black Denim with rich Black Velvet Flocking &multi-faceted scattered rhinestuds.

I brought along some models to show us Diane Gillman’s Holiday/Everyday Embellishment Jeans that she debuted on HSN Sunday December 18th.

Carrie is wearing the Indigo Denim with shades of tonal blue satin stitch embroidery (over 100,000 stitches) and scattered pearl stud embellishment.

Kim is wearing the soft Grey denim with an intricate multifaceted design of antique silver jeweled stones & studs…silver is the metallic of the 2018 Holiday season, so this is a very on-trend design.

We have our very own Natalie wearing the plum denim with amazing matching teardrop jeweling placed in formation all the way down each leg for dazzling but subtle sparkle.

Diane will debuted her Holiday Jeans this Sunday after taking a year off from HSN because she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After a year of treatment, she is doing very well and excited to back to doing what she loves!  Helping women feel confident, comfortable and sexy in her jeans! Check them out at (search Diane Gilman).

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