Creating Your Beauty-Blueprint Affirmations


Just as a magnifying glass can focus light onto a targeted beam, affirmations focus your mental energy onto targeted life changes. They can also be a powerful reminder of how beautiful you truly are.
Now that you have a list of your beautiful qualities, let’s use those to write some affirmations. It’s best to keep them short and simple; they’ll be a lot easier to remember and repeat. Go through your list, and try adding the words I am or I have in front of each statement. Your affirmations might look something like this:
• I am compassionate and patient.
• I have a joyful, strong spirit.
• I am creative and inspiring.
Pick out a few that really resonate with you (or all of them, if you wish) and copy them onto index cards. Place these powerful statements in prominent places just as you did with your beautiful qualities. (You can keep both sets of cards out, just display your affirmations, or use a combination of both; perhaps put the “leftovers” on your nightstand.) Recite these affirmations until they become a part of you. Watch as they harness your mental energy to manifest incredible life changes!

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How to View Yourself as a Work of Art


Your beauty marks are actually marks of distinction. They’re what makes you a designer original. When you go to a museum and look at the art on the walls it is all beautiful, right? However, when you truly begin to discover  the beauty of the painting is when the tour guide explains the thought process and the love that went into the painting and what it’s meaning is. Then you begin to see it in a different way, and even if it is not your particular style, you admire the process and the way that story translates on to the canvas. We are all divine and unique pieces of art. Each with our own stories, our own experiences, interests, and talents. When we begin to revel in these qualities and cherish every little thing about ourselves, our “Flaws” are not such a big deal anymore.


The Law of Attractive

I recently had a client I was coaching and after we conquered her work fears she said that her next goal was to get back into a relationship. Of course, no one who wants a relationship truly wants just anyone; they want Mr. or Ms. Right! And most of us know in our hearts exactly what that means, when someone asks we unfurl that dreaded “List”!

If you are like most people, you probably have a “list” of what you are looking for in your ideal mate or you might be looking for that special someone who “completes you.” In the process, you might be bringing in the same “type” of person who you think is perfect for you however the solution to successfully finding the right
mate for you may lie in asking the question, “What type am I?”

So where do you start? Before you put on your Friday night best or log back on to your favorite hook-up website let’s take a minute to look and feel good about the most important person in your next relationship, YOU! It is absolutely true that we attract what and who we are in to our lives. When it comes to bringing in our friendships and romantic relations what we radiate is something that I call, “The Law of Attractive.”

The Law of Attractive is the true beauty that can’t be painted on or pumped up in the gym, instead it is the kind of amazing that when you have the confidence to let it shine, it  will bring people in to your life who compliment you not complete you.

Here are some ways to get started:
– Make your list. Make a note of all the attributes you would find
important in a long-term or forever type relationship. Be sure
to list more than just physical qualities like dark hair and full
lips by making note of the values that you find important such
as; honesty, integrity, loyalty, and compassion, which will play
a much bigger role in the long-term success of your
– Check it twice. Before you start on your scavenger hunt for
love, check the list once for yourself first. If there are areas
that you find important in someone else take a moment to
think if you have those qualities. If you don’t, there is nothing
wrong with taking some time to work on you before diving into
a relationship.
– Pay close attention to who is naughty and who is nice. Often
we don’t stick to our list out of fear of rejection or we can get
confused by a physical connection that we mistake for love
while alarms are going off inside us that tell us to run. Trust
your gut here and know that when the time is right for you and
that special someone it will work out.
While there may not be a club, church, or online dating site to find
true love there is one place that holds the magic of cupid’s arrow,
your heart. Honor it and you will be fully capable of loving someone

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