Wellness and Joy

By Megan Alice Arterberry

I have a great appreciation for the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, “the science of life,” and have seen and felt the profound effects firsthand with its gentle, nurturing healing power. A practioner neatly put it “Ayurveda meets the individual where they’re at and guides them back to their true nature.”
In Ayurveda, diet, yoga, meditation, body oils, and medicinal herbs are the cornerstones to balance and health. It is recommended to do a self massage everyday with oil (great after dry brushing), which will not only feel great and make your skin look great, but will calm your nervous system, which is crucial for reducing stress. The use of herbs is a plant-based internal holistic medicine. In my own experience struggling with acne, holistic medicine was the only thing that got to the root where I saw and felt real and lasting results. I also changed my diet, going organic, and used getting out into nature as a healing force (walks at the beach and hikes in the mountains). Diet and exercise are often used as a punishment by those seeking to look better. But, this type of approach will never make you feel better, so is counterproductive because, when you feel good, you look good. Eating nourishing, flavorful, fulfilling foods that bring you health and joy along with enjoyable exercise is a realistic lifestyle change that has real staying power.
Wellness is and should be a joy!

Three Essentials


1. Dry Brush

2. Body Oil

3. Epsom Salt 

The best way to use these three essentials is in a row. First you dry brush, then apply the body oil (such as Almond), then take an Epsom salt bath. It seems a strange to use oil before a bath or shower but in Ayurveda, an ancient art of healing from India, this is recommended as a self massage in their Abhyanga treatment, a healing technique, improving circulation and calming the nervous system. Dry brushing allows you to eliminate those shower gloves and body scrubs. A dry brush exfoliates your skin gently by brushing toward your heart on dry skin, improving circulation and cellulite as well. These two simple steps of dry brushing and oiling are recommended as a daily routine. An Epsom salt bath, on the other hand, may not be practical for everyday but should be part of your weekly routine. Epsom salt alleviates sore muscles and inflammation as well as detoxifies. A great way to top off this simple foundation of body care is add fresh lemon wedges to your water to help alkaline your PH and hydrate your body.