Wedding Looks

By Megan Alice Arterberry

I got a question about what to wear to a wedding. In fact, she has three weddings to attend! One is at the beach, another at a vineyard, and a formal affair over the summer and into fall. While choosing pieces, I had in mind the longevity of each piece for her wardrobe. I have learned over the years, through trial and error, the value of price-per-wear. Here are my wedding looks :

Beach and Vineyard Wedding: One Look for Both Weddings! (Luckily they don’t have the same guests!)

Formal Wedding: 

  • The lace dress is great for formal events.
  • The nude patent pumps are low and designed for comfort, and Kate Middleton has proven that nude patent pumps go with everything formal – even Camilla’s on board!
  • The use of the same clutch and jewelry prove how good these pieces are!

I also found two more looks that might work for all three weddings!

  • The coral shades of the pink dress and orange wrap are perfect for the transition of summer to fall.
  • The pearl bracelet gives a beachy yet classic feel.
  • The low sandals give comfort and has both quality and value, in which J.Crew is prized for.
  • The same clutch and earrings!


  • The deep purple dress, both flowy and formal, compliments the lilac wrap.
  • The same great sandals but in silver to work better with the purple hues.
  • My favorite clutch and jewelry finish the look off nicely!

Plus, here are a few tips:

  • Go to Nordstrom for undergarments – they measure for proper fitting
  • A short nail with pale pink polish – simple, clean, and pretty
  • Mineral Makeup – great for your skin
  • Hair in a low chignon or a slicked low ponytail with a side part – great for wind
  • Natural perfume – easy on the nose for sensitive guests (jasmine is my favorite scent for summer)