Beauty and Style Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for the beauty and style lover on your list?  Here are a few of my favorites ideas, and trust me, you’ll want to add every one of these to your wish list too!

DG2 Jeans

Finding a pair of Jeans that fit well is almost impossible. My favorite designer jeans  not only make you look amazing…you will feel amazing when wearing them!

Designer Diane Gilman created DG2 jeans to cater to the specific concerns of women whose bodies have changed because of having kids and even aging.  Her jeans offer much more generous waist measurements while still keeping the legs of the jean slim & formfitting… knowing as females, we put all our middle-aged weight around the waist, tummy & midriff!

Diane is known a the “Queen of Jeans” as she has sold over 10 million pairs of DG2 jeans on HSN! > search Diane Gilman. Great price of $59.99 (regular price $79.99)

Vivian Lou  

Most of us have a love of high heels, yet most of the time, they are uncomfortable! 

The reason heels hurt is because when you are in any kind of shoe that has elevation or a heel, your weight gets shifted forward to the ball of the foot. The higher the heel, the more weight and pressure get shifted forward. 

Vivian Lou insoles shift weight off the ball of the foot to the heel and prevent the foot from slipping forward. This reduces pressure on the ball of the foot and stop the cause of pain.

Bonus… They are impossible to see in open-toe + open-back shoes. 

Place Vivian Lou Insoles in your stilettos, wedges, sandals, boots and clogs! Your feet, back, knees, hips and ankles will thank you! Now you can wear high heels 4x longer.  Use Code HOLIDAY25 good thru Dec 15


GemTye is coolest bracelet you will ever put in your hair!  Gemtye is the only hair tie that one of a kind fashion accessory that fuses together the function of your favorite hair tie that is also a chic bracelet!  

Whether you’re getting ready for your favorite yoga class or you’re matching a purse and stilettos…GemTye has you covered.

They offer different styles and colors that look great on every skin tone and hair types.

You can now leave the house with something that feels good on your wrist, works in your hair and always looks great. No more sad hair ties on your wrist! The perfect gift for the fashionable multi-tasker!  Use Code Morning Blend for 15% Discount


A revolutionary earring back that gives your earring an instant lift!  Levears provide the support you need so your earrings will sit upright, feel secure and look beautiful.

From heavy studs to oversized chandeliers, now you can wear any type of post earring, regardless of weight, without the fear of a sagging earlobe.

The Levears Earring Lifts have a patented design that has a left and right back. This ensures that the women’s earrings can be adjusted to look perfect since no two holes are pierced the same.  Levears is designed to be light and airy without adding any extra weight on the back, which of course no one wants. 

They come in sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, 14 k white gold and 14k gold.  Use Code SAVENOW for 15% Discount

DK&T Lip Scrub Brush

As a celebrity makeup artist, this is my go-to for every client before I do their makeup. DK&T Lip Scrub brush is the world’s first exfoliating lip and beauty brush. 

The Lip Scrub Brush, in my opinion, is a non-surgical lip plumper that gets rid of dry, flakey, chapped lips.  The dual action scrub brush is made with all natural bristles, it’s cruelty free and vegan friendly.  The bristles stimulate blood flow to the surface of the lips giving you a healthy, plump, rosy lip as well as dead skin is gone. 

After using the brush, I apply an almond or coconut oil and your lips look gorgeous as is or apply lipstick that will look beautiful and last longer.  Use Code MICHELLE for 10% discount

Happy Shopping!  



Author: tvbeautycoach

Celebrity Makeup Artist, National TV Personality, Best Selling Author, Self-esteem & Empowerment Coach Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TVBeautyCoach The Beauty Blueprint 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams Michelle Phillips is a leading authority in the beauty industry and one of the most influential makeup artists the entertainment industry. With over 25 years experience Michelle works with national television networks, on movie sets, with top photographers, and magazines in the business including Swiss Vogue and Maxim Magazine. You may have seen Michelle on TV shows and Networks such as; HGTV, HSN, CBS, NBC, FOX, Oxygen and TLC sharing her tips and techniques that have made her one of the most renowned beauty experts in the industry who has worked with celebrities such as Katie Couric, Colbie Caillat, Condoleezza Rice, Sigourney Weaver, Clint Eastwood, and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Michelle’s best selling book “The Beauty Blueprint” has opened up opportunities for Michelle to share her message on speaking tours with inspirational icons such as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay giving women around the globe powerful tools of transformation; a transformation to not just look amazing but to BE amazing!

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